My First Blog
Friday, August 17 2018

The story of a kid with a dream, a kid who, wanted to be a professional singer. Going through college with nothing but that in my mind. At 25 years old, I’m not necessarily abandoning that, but simply changing my course a bit I graduated from Kent State with a degree in Music wanting to become the greatest operatic baritone you ever had seen. Since then I’ve changed my sights into Programming.

I can’t really say what caused this changed. Well actually I can. It’s hard to make a living as an opera singer alone. I was very passionate about it during my undergrad. It’s all I ever thought about, except for what I was going to do AFTER graduation. Fairly soon my Dad told me to look into Coding. I knew it was all the phase these days, and rightfully so. But I had no clue if I had any future in it. Would I be smart enough? Would I like it?

So, I started looking up some of the info in order to do it. I found a bunch of different ways to learn it. From Code Academy, Treehouse, FreeCodeCamp and finally Udacity. I just started learning, and when I realized that I had an interest in it, I wanted to learn more. I kept going and going. Eventually I fount that I really enjoyed Web Development the most. There is something really rewarding to know that I can contribute to one of the greatest human achievements, the World Wide Web.

I’m still learning even some of the basics, but I’m finding myself more and more invested in this path. I’m currently working on a second Nanodegree from Udacity, and my hope is to find work doing this. Eventually I want to take it further and learn the Back-End of Web Development. But I figure one step at a time.

So, this blog will serve as more or less a look into my journey through all of this, as well as other things I find interesting or amusing. Welcome into my life!

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