About Me

My name is Jason Howie. I am a Full-Stack Web developer looking to further my education in programming. Currently I am an Academic Fellow at Tech Elevator in Cleveland, Ohio, a 14-week coding bootcamp, where I was also previously a student, learning to be a Full-Stack Developer. I was enrolled in their C#/.NET cohort, learning remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before Tech Elevator I learned through various online resources earning a Full-Stack JavaScript Techdegree with Treehouse. I also have finished two Nanodegrees with Udacity, including the Intro to Programming and Front-End Web Development Nanodegrees. I am always pursuing to learn more, create and experience new technology.

I am versed in:

.NET Core










Bootstrap 4

And More!

Before I took the journey on the life of a programmer, I was pursuing a life in Music. Vocal Performance to be exact. I have a passion in performing and have performed in everything from operas to contemporary pop-accapella groups and everything in between. I went to Kent State Universty and graduated with a degree in Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance. Although I loved performance I felt I needed to make myself more marketable, and found programming which I am enjoying just as much.